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Place of Origin:Zhejiang
Brand Name:Conveyor roller
Model Number:89mm/108mm/133mm/159mm
Minimum Order Quantity:10pieces
Packaging Details:he roller bases/brackets are packed by wooden boxes or polyethylene film
Delivery Time:10-30days
Payment Terms:FOB
Supply Ability:100000PIECE/MONTH

Products Description


Conveyor roller is an important component, types and large quantities. It accounts for the total cost of a conveyor 35%, to withstand more than 70% of the resistance, so the quality of roller is particularly important.

Our roller has Minimal rtating inertia,reliable tightness,flexible rotating, simple dismounting, easy maintained, long operational life, etc.Also we can do as customer request.OEM

Roller Properties
Product NameConveyor Roller
Pipe Thickness3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm&OEM
Tube MaterialCarbon Steel

Standard DiameterLength Scope(mm)Bearings Type(Min-Max)Shell Wall Thickness
63.52 1/2150-350062042.0mm-3.75mm
7636204 205 305 3062.0-4.0mm
893 1/36204 2052.0-4.0mm
10246204 205 3052.5-4.0mm
1084 1/46204 205 305 3062.5-4.0mm
1144 1/26205 206 305 3062.5mm-4.5mm
12756205 206 305 3062.5mm-4.5mm
1335 1/46205 206 207 305 3062.5mm-4.5mm
1405 1/26205 206 207 305 3063.5mm-4.5mm

Services we provide

Service -1:

Service -1:

We have multiple idler factories and several mature idler production lines. We have advanced production equipment and professional production personnel to meet customers' customized needs for various types of idlers.

Service -2:

We have more than 200 types of idler products and 200,000 pieces of idler inventory. At the same time, we will also choose the best logistics method for customers to ensure delivery speed and logistics timeliness

Service -2:
Service -3:

Service -3:

We support video inspection, VR inspection and on-site inspection. We welcome every customer to conduct an on-site inspection of Ningbo Gigabit to demonstrate the strength of the factory in real time. At the same time, we hope to establish a good and sustainable cooperative relationship with our customers

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