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Solid Plate Belt

Hard Belt for serious weight lifting

Interested in how large objects are carried across long distances without damage, with minimal effort? These items can be quite heavy or difficult to remove without the proper equipment and may even cause harm during their movement, similar to the Kilomega's product like Ep Fabric Rubber Conveyor Belt. This is where industrial companies have come up with a way to ease the process of lifting and moving heavy items, via - You guessed it - Those tough backed belts made out of solid plates. Now, in this article we are going to dig into it.


A hard belt is a kind of conveyor belt which made from strong metal plates, or options side as Aluminum Stainless steel Carbon Steel, as well as the Stone Crusher Conveyor Belt made by Kilomega. The main benefit of Solid Plate Belt is robustness. Its cool design will allow you to hoist and carry just about anything with the greatest precision so nothing breaks or gets damaged. The belt is extra-rugged and resistant to high temperature conditions, so it would fit perfectly in a hot environment industrial sector.

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