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Maintenance methods for industrial rubber conveyor belts

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Industrial rubber conveyor belts are indispensable equipment in modern production. They play a key role in material transportation in quarries and many other industries. In order to ensure the normal operation of conveyor belts and extend their service life, correct maintenance is essential. This article will introduce some key maintenance guidelines to help you improve the efficiency and reliability of your conveyor belts.


1. Clean the conveyor belt: Regular cleaning of the conveyor belt is the first step in maintenance. Removing dust, impurities and residue from the surface of the conveyor belt prevents them from entering the drive system or other equipment and affecting normal operation. You can clean it with a soft brush, water, and a non-abrasive cleaner to make sure the dirt is completely removed.

2. Check the conveyor belt tension: The correct tension of the conveyor belt is critical to its normal operation. Too much tension can cause belt wear and premature failure, while too little tension can cause pulleys to slip and malfunction. Regularly check and adjust the tension of the conveyor belt to ensure it is within the appropriate range.

3. Check the conveyor belt joints: The conveyor belt joints are vulnerable parts and are prone to wear or breakage. Regularly check the condition of conveyor belt joints and repair or replace damaged joints to avoid further damage to the belt.


4. Lubricate conveyor belt bearings: The bearings on the conveyor belt are components that require regular lubrication. Lubricating bearings with the proper lubricant can reduce friction, extend service life, and keep your conveyor belts operating efficiently.

5. Check the rollers and brackets regularly: The rollers and brackets of the conveyor belt also need to be checked regularly. Make sure the drum rotates freely and check that the stand is secure. Any damaged or loose rollers and brackets should be repaired or replaced promptly.

6. Pay attention to environmental conditions: Environmental conditions have a great impact on the life and performance of conveyor belts. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture, or corrosive gases, which can damage the material and structure of your conveyor belt.

7. Train operators: Proper operation and maintenance are equally important to the life and performance of the conveyor belt. Ensure operators receive necessary training and follow operating and maintenance instructions.


Maintaining industrial rubber conveyor belts is key to ensuring they operate efficiently and have a long service life. With regular cleaning, inspection and maintenance, you can reduce breakdowns and downtime and increase productivity.

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